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Street light
624 words, G (light angst)
Sho cannot help but to question

It was starting to rain when we stepped out the building. Nino and I managed to leave the party earlier. We're not supposed to go. Actually, Nino did not want to go however I think I managed to convince him to come. I remembered he came over to me earlier, asking me if I'm going to the party and I said yes.

The street light stood across us was the only source of our light. Its orange glow lit up everything surrounding it that I could even see the raindrops falling.

We quietly stood there, waiting side by side. Few cars and occupied cabs had already passed by. Except for the sound of the soft rain falling, everything around us was lulled.

I have nothing against silence but at this moment, I was tempted to break it just because it felt awkward. However I could not think at all of what to say.

I haven't talked to Nino properly today. I could not even look at him at all. It's strange, I know and it's driving my mind insane.

"I heard that they are now together." I finally said something. Nino glanced at my direction, his face painted with surprise.


"Yes. I kind of bugged her about it. In the end, she confessed."

Nino smiled, the first genuine smile I saw tonight, then nodded his head. "Good for them."

"I want some day-off but I still have to go to work tomorrow," I thought out loud.

"Then take a day-off tomorrow. I'm sure you can afford it."

This time, I looked at him. Suddenly, I remembered something back while we were at the party. I smiled even though my chest all of a sudden hurt.

There was no more conversation that followed after that. We went back to our situation earlier.

I think I know why I wanted to get Nino talking. It's because I want to hear him talking with me again. He used to talk a lot back when we were younger. Yet, for some unknown reason he just stopped all of a sudden and I wondered why.

I made a sidelong glance at him. He seemed to be calm, the way he stood beside him yet I knew that there was something going on inside him and I could not longer read it. The thought of it somehow hurt.

"You're thinking too much again, Sho-chan."

I snapped out from my thoughts. I did not noticed that he was watching me, reading me. I want to say that it's unfair. He should not read me when I could not read him.

"I was--,"

"It's okay. I was just wondering what are you thinking of since you have pained expression."

It's you. I was thinking about you. Where did the Nino I knew went? I wanted to tell him but before I could open my mouth, an empty cab came.

I watched Nino got on. The door was still opened, waiting for me to get on. Nino peeked in.

I politely said that he should go without me, saying I had to go somewhere else before heading home.

We stared at each other before he nodded and closed the door. I watched the cab drove away as it took something away from me. I stood all by myself now, listening to the rain.


Sho wakes up from the gentle tapping on his shoulder. He finds himself in the their green room, along with the others. He had fallen asleep while waiting for his turn.

"Your turn, Sho-san."

"Yes, I'm sorry."

He gets up and prepares. On his way out, he catches Nino reading his script by himself. Sho's eyes linger for a second before heading out. His mind and heart still wonder.
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