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428 words, G

Finally, our paths cross once more. I always hope that one day, we will meet again.
I don't care anymore about the past. All I want is to be with you. You don't know how long I wait for this moment to come.
So hold my hand now and together we'll find happiness.

Sho doesn't believe what he's seeing right now. He's not sure if his mind is playing tricks on him or if it's because of fatigue due to overworking in the store. He feels slapping himself in the face. He even wants to pinch himself.

Is this a dream?

He asks himself as he watches the person he sees standing across the bookstore, studying a book and flipping the pages.

Sho's heart then starts to beat erratically when the person he's watching discovers him. It's still beating fast when the person approaches him.

Sho mentally calms himself or at least he tries to but fails to. He can't focus now that the person is standing few feet from him.


That voice is very familiar to Sho's ear, a voice he longs to hear for a long time.

"Jun-kun," Sho finds the name slips out from his mouth smoothly.

And the owner of the name Sho just said, smiles. Sho hasn't seen that smile for years.

"It's a surprise to see you here." And it's really unexpected that you recognized me.

"Yes, quite surprise indeed," Jun agrees. "Do you have some time for coffee? It's been awhile since we hang out, right?"

"Uh yes, sure."

Sho watches Jun as the former drinks his coffee. Jun appears to be more sophisticated and cool. The younger man has grown up, Sho says to himself. The Jun in front of him is nowhere from the Jun Sho had met in college.

Sho thinks that Jun has changed a lot since the last time he saw him. The person he's talking with is different from the person he knew then.


Sho's thoughts are interrupted as Jun tries to bring Sho back to present. Sho sees Jun eyeing him curiously.

"Are you okay?"

Maybe there are some things that stay the same, Sho supposes.

"I'm fine, thank you. Sorry, what was it again?"

Jun resumes telling about his travel and this time, Sho listens to him.

"It's really nice seeing you, Sho."

"Same here."

"Uhm, Jun..."

Sho stares at Jun as he wonders if he say what he's been wanting to tell him back then will the result be the same

"What is it?"

"I'm glad I got to see you again, really glad."

When Sho's eyes look up, he finds Jun's smiling face.

"We can meet again, that is if you--" Sho doesn't let Jun finish his sentence. He wants to make up the years he missed.

"I'd love to."

After all, it is not everyday that Destiny gives him another chance.