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Tell me that you'll open your eyes
1235 words, G
n: I'd like to express my deepest love to Cy.♥

I want so much to open your eyes 'cause I need you to look into mine.
Open your Eyes
Snow Patrol

Nino could not remember the day he lost his eyesight. What he remembered was he woke up one morning and everything was dark. He could hear the cars, birds, people, everything yet nothing appeared in his vision. That's when he called out his parents.

His parents thought it was due to the fact he played too much videogames. However, the doctor assured the that it was because of another cause. He asked for permission to observe Nino and the condition he had.

It's been three months since Nino was admitted. His room was the nearest to the nurses' station.

Nino didn’t want to show his frustration whenever he made mistakes. He would find himself getting the wrong utensil for his food or he would bump into objects on his way to the bathroom. He didn’t look like he didn’t care, but he found himself lying on his hospital bed at night, asking himself why would something like this happen to him.

Staying at the hospital was boring.He couldn’t go out unless he had someone to accompany him. So one day, he asked his parents to bring his favorite guitar.


"I want to learn how to play a guitar."

"Sorry, I don't teach."

"Ehh? Why not?"

"Can't you tell? I'm blind."

"But that doesn't mean you can't teach. You can perfectly play it even without looking."

"Well that's because I play by ear."

"If that's the case, you listen to my strumming then you can point out my mistake. You can also tell me where to put my finger."

"I won't teach you, okay? Go find someone to bother."

"But I want you to be my teacher."

"Go away!"

"I guess you're tired now. I'll just come back then. I'm Masaki. Masaki Aiba"


"Hey Nino."


Aiba didn't answer qucikly.Instead, he took his time staring at his friend.

"Don't stare. It's not nice."

Aiba gaped as he heard the comment.

"H--how did you know?"

"I can feel it. It's creepy."

Aiba then smiled sheepishly at the thought of being caught.

"Now stop smiling like an idiot and tell me already what you're about to say earlier."


To be honest, Nino was not sure how he and Aiba became close. It was the first time he was uncertain of something, but he didn’t mind at all. All that it mattered was he and Aiba were friends. That's what important.


He talks too much. Sometimes, I wonder where did he learn those stories. But I'm glad that he talks a lot. He probably gets the feeling that I get uncomfortable around with silence.


"So, why are you hospitalized?"

"I have anemia. You know what it means?"

"Of course, dummy. You easily get tired. But that's not really a serious matter. You can ask the doctor to prescribe medication for that."

"I know but you see, if I'm not here then you will be alone. I don't want to Nino-chan to be sad."

"I'm not sad. Actually, if you get discharged, I can finally be at peace.

"Oh? Don't be like that. I know you'll miss me..."

"I won't."


The first time I saw him was in his room, sitting on his bed while strumming his guitar. I knew that he'll be my friend. I want to be his friend.


Aiba was admitted to the hospital six months early before Nino. The reason of his admission was due to continuous bleeding after he got into an accident.

Now and then, he got a home visit with the permission of his doctor. He did need to get some fresh air every once in awhile.


Nino thought that if he would be given another chance to see, the first thing he wanted to see was Aiba's face.

He had imagined his friend's face a million times in his mind. There would be wrinkles cause by smiling a lot; his eyes have brilliance and his face, a beautiful one.

He knew it because he traces those features into his mind.

"What are you doing?" Aiba asked Nino when the latter's hands touched his face.

I'm trying to draw a picture of you in my mind.

Aiba remained still as Nino ran his fingers all over Aiba's face, touching him from his hair up to his jaw. Then Nino's hand withdrew.

"You done?"

Nino started then turned away to hide the red tint on his face. Aiba just chuckled.


"I want to travel the world." Aiba blurted to Nino.

"Then you should go once you get discharge."

"Yes, I'll do that. No need to tell me."


They sat in silence. No one talked until the nurse came in to tell Aiba that it was time for his check-up.

For once, Nino was glad that he didn't get to see the sad face his friend had.

But I won't get to travel the world, Nino.


One day, Nino's doctor came in, informing him they found him a way to get back his sight; an operation. Nino's parents as well as Nino agreed for the operation. Nino thought he can finally see Aiba.

After two months of recovery, Nino finally is discharged. Before he left, he asked where Aiba was. Instead of answering, the nurse gives him an address.

With a permission from his parents, Nino goes to see the place written on the paper.

It's a small simple house located in the outskirts of the city, near the river. A beautiful woman opened the door and greeted him.

"Hello. I'm Ninomiya Kazunari. I was wondering if this is where Aiba Masaki lives?"

The beautiful woman regarded him and when she looked at Nino's eyes, she couldn't help herself not to get emotional. Nino got surprised when the woman embraced him.


"Oh? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. I couldn't stop myself to --- " She said as she wiped away the tears.

"Mother, who is it?"A tall man appeared behind the woman.

"He's Masaki's friend, Ninomiya-san."

As soon as the tall man heard Masaki's name, he smiled affectionately at Nino as if Nino was their son as well.

"Come in. We've been waiting for you."

And that's the time Nino found out the truth.

Nino's been looking at the slowly setting sun. He couldn't remember the last setting sun he watched.

"You stupid," Nino mumbled as he ran his fingers on his hair then to his eyes. A tear fell, sliding down on his face. He shook his head as more tears now flow out from his eyes.

I want to travel the world. I want to see the world. One day, I'll go and I'll tell you how is it, Nino-chan.

"Ne, Nino..."

"Thank you."

"For what?"

Aiba didn't answer. He only offered a lovingly gaze.

"For what?" Nino repeated.


All of a sudden, Nino felt something on his lips. It was only a simple kiss, a very short one but Nino thought it was a little longer.

"Whatever it is, then you're welcome," Nino said when Aiba pulled away. He sensed Aiba's gaze on him but he refused to look at Aiba's direction because he couldn't come up to face the other with a blush. "I thought I told you before that you look creepy with that smile."

Aiba, pretending not to hear the last sentence, laughed.

From now on, I want you to go out and see the world.



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