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So where do you go when you're gone?
Aiba/Nino, Jun/Nino friendship
1686 words, G-PG (for themes?)
Nino is hiding everything, including himself.
note: er, this took me longer than expected and I'm still frustrated about it (and some real life issues) but I need to let this one out even though it's like pieces of a much larger story( which is, it is). I want to apologize because it has become an angsty fic even if I started it as a happy one. So, as much as I want to say enjoy reading, I'll just say brace yourself. Oh, title is taken from Michelle Branch's song.

How far is down? )
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Aiba/Nino, a little Nino-centric
979 words, PG
Nino doesn’t realize it has been eating him from the inside.
note: Here’s another one from Aiba/Nino Hospital!AU. This time, it’s a little angsty.

Maybe if you look closer, you'll see me a little... )

fic: 3AM

Nov. 26th, 2013 02:17 am
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Aiba/Nino, friendship
852 words, G
note: Reposting. 'Code blue' is a term used in hospital which means a patient is in arrest and needs immediate medical attention. More personal notes below.

“Why does it always end up me giving you some advice?” Nino wonders out loud. )
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On our way home from work
1102 words, G
Aiba decides to spend his day-off with Nino
note: Reposting.. Here's the first part of this Aiba/Nino hospital!AU..

Aiba stands by himself near the entrance of the hospital. He has already lost count of the passing people entering and leaving the building. )
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I've decided to make a prompt table because I can no longer type in my phone since my phone's memory is so limited. And I want to challenge myself (I know I haven't write anything for a long time) especially now that my work is giving me so much stress. Let's hope I can fill this up. :)

Street lightPillowPaintbrushThreadScent

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Street light
624 words, G (light angst)
Sho cannot help but to question

I don't mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain )
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Tell me that you'll open your eyes
1235 words, G
n: I'd like to express my deepest love to Cy.♥

I want so much to open your eyes 'cause I need you to look into mine.
Open your Eyes
Snow Patrol

Nino could not remember the day he lost his eyesight. What he remembered was he woke up one morning and everything was dark. )


Feb. 16th, 2012 05:32 am
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428 words, G

Finally, our paths cross once more. I always hope that one day, we will meet again.
I don't care anymore about the past. All I want is to be with you. You don't know how long I wait for this moment to come.
So hold my hand now and together we'll find happiness.

I have waited for you for so long... )


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